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The Frog is still alive………but it’s getting too late to escape the pot!

pupper master

A few weeks ago I took a (fine weather) beach walk from Deganwy to Llandudno. The beaches were a hive of activity with dog walkers, kite flyers, buckets/spades, fishing, beach games, ramblers and various other recreational pursuits. The scenes were very familiar to me as I concluded that people have not fundamentally changed in the six decades or so that I can reflect upon. The family unit remains paramount to a stable society along with the freedoms required for positive development. Unfortunately the freedoms enjoyed in my youth have fast disappeared with the demise accelerating alarmingly in the past four years or so.

Our freedoms and culture are under sustained attack from the establishment, overseen by the WEF (World Economic Forum led by Klaus Schwab). It is no longer hiding its vision for a future in which the (decreased) population will “own nothing and be happy”. This is their “great reset” and its road map is documented and published. They express pride in their young leaders who will be instrumental in its delivery, where the likes of Trudeau, Macron, Rutte, Jacinda Ardern, etc, are routinely mentioned. Neither Sunak nor Starmer are strangers to the WEF…….is it any wonder they so often seem to be reading from the same script? Our own Senedd is WEF compliant, with the draconian 20mph constraint imposed upon us as the latest example.

What we’re experiencing now, is the breakdown of our society in order to condition us for the new ‘norms’. We are seeing this play out in numerous ways, all of which threaten the essence of how we function and behave; we are being turned against each other in form of racial and gender divides; our children’s minds are being captured in schools and universities; our history is being cancelled or rewritten; our mobilities are under attack (cars & air travel + 15min cities creeping in); mass migration is diluting our culture; we’re losing our bank accounts for ‘wrong think’ or having the audacity to buy gold/crypto; cashless society and carbon quotas; ‘net zero’ police able to access our homes using force if we don’t have a smart meter or use anything other than a heat pump; people being censored or cancelled for opposing narratives; serious criminality going unchecked while thought crimes are being policed……..the list goes on. This is the method of ‘resetting’ society and it’s not new, because the likes of Lenin and Mao Zedong used these techniques to install communism in Russia and China respectively. Klaus Schwabs admiration of the Chinese ‘model’ is no secret. I worked in Beijing during 2009/10 and got to know a young engineer called Yang Li very well. He told me that even then (2010) older people panicked when family members criticised the government because they had experienced the times when individuals were encouraged/duty bound to report members of their families who dissented. They were ‘conditioned’ for life and traumitised by the fact that such dissidents were routinely “disappeared”.

Our so called leaders seem to think that George Orwell’s “1984” is an operating manual for how we should be governed. They appear to have been emboldened by the success achieved by scaring us into submission during the pandemic (will we fall for it again?). I can no longer discern between the Liberal/Labour/Conservative/Green parties who are all singing from the same hymn sheet. I voted Conservative in 2019 naively believing they would deliver on the promises made. If I could get to 10 Downing street I would post 30 pieces of silver, such is my sense of betrayal and with Starmer frolicking with the likes of Trudeau and EU leaders, he certainly makes his intentions clear.

I actually want a reset, but one which takes us back to a world where common sense prevails and politicians were experienced (e.g. experienced business people as opposed to the career politicians we have now) in delivering for the nation and not to some higher power. This is the reform I seek.

In asking myself what choices I have for the next election, it comes down to choosing a party whose policies represent common sense and the promotion of faith, family and freedom. The Reform party emerges as my only option (hopefully amalgamated with ‘Reclaim party’ at some point down the line?)………..after all, what have I got to lose.

The mainstream parties are all proven failures in my eyes and no longer will I believe the lies they will undoubtedly spin to win my vote. Their well-orchestrated “Great Reset” is already well advanced and a win for Labour or Conservative will allow the ‘Project’ to progress to the “point of no return” in the ensuing four years. The frog, then boiled and no longer able to escape the pot is destined to remain until fully cooked.