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The Conservatives have Betrayed Their Electorate

Brexit betrayed

Is there an alternative to these Blue Socialists? Red or yellow ones who promise more of the same?

Think back to the 2019 General Election. There was one big question to be resolved: do we Get Brexit Done?

Only one party proposed to do so. And, lest it be forgotten: the People had already spoken in the 2015 Brexit Referendum. The People said “Leave the European Union”, and the alternative proposal to “Remain in the European Union” was defeated. The General Election was thus a contest between those who sought to respect that democratic decision and the villains who sought to frustrate it; to overrule that decision; to thwart or subvert it.

The winners were Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party, the losers Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and the amusingly-named Liberal Democrats led by… led by… if you Google it the name will surely be on the record. Tim somebody? Vince or Paddy somebody? No matter. The point is that the Liberal Democrats set out to annul the 2015 Brexit Referendum. Liberal? I don’t think so! Democratic? Hardly!

I must confess that if the only party proposing to Get Brexit Done had been the Raving Monster Loony Party I would have gone with it: Prime Minister Screaming Lord Sutch? All right, so be it! In fact, the leader of the only party proposing to Get Brexit Done was a tousle-haired tubby fellow called Boris Johnson. So be it.

At the time I wondered whether this unconventional, plummy-voiced celeb (who had managed the mighty city of London pretty darn well) would develop into one of the great figures of the 21st century. Biographer of Churchill, Editor of the world’s oldest weekly The Spectator, this was a confident man of many parts, a man with broad horizons.

That was then and this is now. Screaming Lord Johnson failed. Worse: he and his successors scrumpled up that mandate and tossed it into the waste paper bin.

The Conservative Party is not patriotic: if it were it would defend our borders. During COVID it trashed our civil liberties. Far from being a fierce defender of capitalism, it believes in big government: high spending, high taxing. Dictating what cars we may drive and how we may heat our homes. And… the most serious charge… it’s woke.

If you, dear fellow citizen, share the ideals of wokery please vote for the Conservatives. Or perhaps Labour (pretty much the same) or perhaps the other division of the “Uniparty”. They’re all the same. Blue socialists? Red or yellow ones? They’re all the same.

If on the other hand, dear citizen, you have common sense then give your support to Reform UK. Support? This can mean ticking a box on a ballot paper. It can also mean joining Reform and working for our precious democracy. Get it? Now do it!