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Thank you very much!

Thank you Bangor Aberconwy

I would like to thank our local supporters who have done so much to help me through this campaign. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you, I am so very grateful.

Whether you placed a poster in your window, a post in your garden or delivered leaflets, a HUGE THANK YOU.

We received 6,091 votes or 14.6% in Bangor Aberconwy. I’m sorry we didn’t succeed this time. But I am confident that our efforts are already making the establishment work harder to retain the trust of the British people. In many ways, I feel we were the main opposition during this election campaign. Our work this time is a stepping stone that will enable us to succeed next time.

We now have FIVE MP’s we didn’t have, and they will all represent us well in Parliament and to Nigel we say a massive thank you for coming onboard and raising our profile and to Richard for steadying the ship through turbulent times. Well done to all five, it was a massive achievement.

We will also be forming Associations or Branches soon which will help build upon our success and we hope you will join us when we commence these branches.

This is just the start and Reform has a long-term plan. Once again, a massive thank you to all.