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WHO’s in charge


No, that’s not a question. It’s a statement, and will be a true statement if we don’t do something about it. The “WHO” is not the rock band from the 1960s/70s. It is the World Health Organisation and they want to be in charge of Britain’s health system.

Remember the Great Lockdown of 2020? And it wasn’t just the lockdown. It was forced mask-wearing, compulsory vaccinations, quarantines, shutting schools and churches, sacking the unvaccinated and imposing fines for being within six feet of another person, or even sitting on a park bench. Those were the WHO’s instructions which we took on board hook, line and sinker, and we have been sinking ever since. The country has still not recovered from that disastrous policy. Yes, we can blame the Tory government, but all the other parties were in agreement. They all believed ‘the science’, promoted by the WHO.

Many people in Britain have come to the conclusion that these policies were at best a desperate attempt to reduce fatalities but in reality a near disaster. The WHO want to ensure that we will follow their advice when the next pandemic comes along. So, to make sure that we Brits toe the line, they are putting forward a plan to force us to do so.

It is called the ‘Pandemic Preparedness Treaty’ and it gives the WHO the right to declare an international health emergency and the power to order what national governments must do. This emergency would be declared by Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who is the Director-General. He is not a medical doctor. So far, the UK government has given provisional approval to this treaty, but not yet fully approved it. If enough of us take up this issue, we may persuade the government to reject it.

In 2022 156,086 people signed a petition to the Prime Minister urging the government not to approve any WHO Pandemic Treaty unless it is approved by a public referendum. Because over 100,000 signed there was a debate in Parliament, but only a dozen MPs turned up! Only four spoke against the WHO’s proposal.

Our politicians are not listening to the people!

If they will not listen, then we must take the issue to a higher level – the King. Every week King Charles meets with the Prime Minister. What they say to each other is not recorded and neither side spills the beans. But they’re surely discussing the state of the nation If the King receives thousands of letters or cards on any single issue then he is almost certainly going to raise that issue with the Prime Minster when he sees him. So there is now a campaign to bombard the King with so many postcards that the Prime Minister has to take notice.

If you want to take part in this campaign, please email or go to

People power can win this battle against the WHO power grab! You are one of those people who can help win the battle. Act now, while it is fresh in your mind. And tell others about the struggle.