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When and how did my political stance change?

Musk Meme

Some of you will have seen the Elon Musk meme, above, from a few years ago. It indicates that although his political stance was unchanged over time, the scale representing the political spectrum moved dramatically to the left, dragging the centre with it. This centre left liberal in 2012 found himself unwillingly branded a right wing conservative as the years progressed to 2021. In the depiction, it can be seen that in 2008, the Conservative right and Elon are (vertically) fixed points. By 2012, the baseline has pulled further left, taking the central point with it. Elon hasn’t changed, but is now a centrist! In 2021 the baseline has extended even further left pulling the centre position with it once again. Elon is now right wing and the Conservative (read the red line as US Republican conservatism) stance is much further right of centre than it was.

I like simple depictions like this because it demonstrates that like Elon (and the creator of the meme Colin Wright), we haven’t fundamentally changed. It’s the yardstick of how we’re being measured that’s changing and categorising many of us as Far Right. I can identify with this concept and perhaps it will also resonate with many readers.

I see most people in our constituency forcibly focused on “getting by” in an environment where every day seems to bring more woes that only add to the burdening hardships. Beyond this I see/hear people who are naturally fair, rational and reasonable in their approach, but weary of being classed as far right should any of their views differ from the hive-mind of the ‘woke’.

The good news for us is that the western world is changing for the better. In the USA, the conservative republican party is polled to win by a landslide in November because people have had enough of open borders and the widespread damage inflicted by the woke Biden administration. It’s reported that the only way Biden can win is by cheating……..something the Democrats are adept at doing via the their three letter agencies, mainstream media and big Tech.

The swing to the right is also realising in Canada with the highly unpopular Trudeau way behind the Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre in polling for next year’s election.

The recent European Parliament elections have resulted in a major swing to the right.  Via their votes, almost all EU nations have relayed the message that they are sick of mass migration, woke culture and being branded as the “far right primary threat to democracy”! The Belgian PM (De Croo) resigned and the humiliated French Macron has called a snap election next month (July) which could see Marine Le Pen’s right wing National Rally party take power.

We in the UK are bucking this trend with the (far?) left Labour Party poised to win with a large majority of seats next month. The treacherous Conservative Party has probably triggered this reaction with their ineptness and disorder over the past five years. If (or when) Labour win in July, they may find themselves out of synch with many other Western countries as time progresses and the mood changes continue.

It is prudent to note that of all the parties competing in our elections, the Reform manifesto is the one that is most harmonious with current trends in the west. All of the other parties are those moving further left as depicted on Elons meme.

It follows that the Reform party is the only party that can be classified as true (traditional) conservative. Of course it carries the tag of “far right” because just like us as individuals, this is the societal scale upon which it’s been assessed, rated and labeled.

If we want what the rational, patriotic Americans, Canadians and Europeans are now yearning for, then the only choice that fits is a vote for Reform. If the current dynamics mean we can’t give Reform a win in this election, let’s at least make them the official opposition to keep a deeply flawed Labour Party in check against meaningful standards.