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Whatever Happened to Common Sense?


Long ago and far away there was a land called Blighty. Its inhabitants had the good fortune to possess the quality known as Common Sense. Most, but not all, of the people were law-abiding. Most, but not all, of the people fell into one of two genders. Most, but not all, saw fit to live within their means – not so much out of some lofty idealism, but rather because of their belief that profligate spending was the road to ruin.

The people of Blighty, whilst proud of their homeland and traditions, were outward-looking. Although an island, Blighty was far from insular and, as expert mariners, engaged in overseas trading to the benefit of both Blighty and its partners in the four corners of the world. Indeed Blighty offered refuge to many oppressed people fleeing revolutions and pogroms, guests who in time would integrate with the indigenous people and enrich Blighty with new ideas, new foods, new ways.

Blighty had the notion of “Common Law”, based on natural justice which, rather like common sense, isn’t easy to define…. but we know it when we see it! No high fallutin’ theories, no experts are needed to explain common sense. Far from being an outmoded irrelevance, common sense is based on something profound which unites us all. Like proverbs, common sense is based on simple truths and ancient verities.

The Silent Majority have common sense. These sensible people are baffled by the idea of sixty or seventy genders. They see no “climate emergency” afflicting our green and pleasant land. They have no time for the claims that one race “matters” more than others. They don’t worship the medical profession but they’d rather like them to do the job they’re paid for when needed.

At election time, the Silent Majority cast their precious votes. Should they favour the laughably-named Liberal Democrats? (They who sought to annul a referendum – hardly liberal; hardly democratic!) Should they favour the misnamed “Labour” Party? (A bunch of well-heeled Champagne Socialists whose knowledge of labouring comes via their gardeners and Amazon drivers.) Should they favour the outrageously misnamed Conservatives? (Anti-business spendthrifts who stripped us of our ancient and hard-won liberties.)

Citizens, if you possess common sense, vote for Reform. We’re the common sense party.