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The LibLabCon is Coming for your Cars

winter driving

One of the foundations of our civilization is energy. More specifically, the availability of abundant and affordable energy to the Common Man.

Think for a moment about how many of your ancestors were agricultural labourers toiling in the fields. Think about your ancestors slogging miles to their place of work, arriving there footsore and far from fresh. Think about how dark it was after sundown in people’s homes lit by tallow candles with their attendant hassle, pollution and fire risk.

Harold MacMillan famously said, in perhaps a different context, “you’ve never had it so good”. Later generations may look back enviously on today’s golden age of energy abundance which the Conservatives are attempting to bring to a juddering halt. The Government will be banning the sale of proper cars seven short years from now in 2030. These same villains will be banning the installation of gas boilers in new-build properties as soon as 2025. These draconian steps will hardly inconvenience the well-heeled who can afford a Tesla and whose homes lend themselves to its charging, but put yourself in the shoes of the poor citizen on the 23rd floor of a tower block who has to get across town for his or her night shift. In contrast, the banning of gas boilers will inconvenience rich and poor alike.

The “Conservatives” have gone along with the eco-extremists, doing their bidding to the detriment of the Common Man. Who opposes this madness? Does HM Opposition oppose this war on our energy? Not the “Labour” Party whose labouring credentials are of the distant past. Nor the amusingly mis-named “Liberal Democrats”. Liberal? They advocate regulating the very air we breathe! Democrats? They sought to annul the 2016 Referendum.

The LibLabCon are coming for your car and your boiler. Only Reform UK opposes this madness.

By – Brent Hargreaves