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Plaid Cymru’s vision for independence promises less independence than we already have.

Welsh Flag Cardiff Castle

Plaid Cymru aspiration is for an independent Wales to join the European Union. Ironically their plan would make Wales less independent than we already are.

Since the Senedd was formed in 1999, Wales has been gaining devolved powers in important areas of governance including:-  taxation, borrowing, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, rural development, ancient monuments, historic buildings, culture, economic development, education and training, environment, fire & rescue services, food, health and health services, highways and transport, housing, local government, the National Assembly for Wales, public administration, social welfare, sport, recreation, tourism, town and country planning, water and flood defence and the Welsh language.

These extensive devolved powers mean that Wales is already as close as possible to being independent without being fully independent.

Nations that are members of the European Union (EU) must accept the principle of “supremacy of EU law,” which means that EU law takes precedence over national law. This establishes a hierarchical legal framework where EU laws, regulations, and decisions formulated by EU institutions, have the final say in all areas of governance including trade, taxes, healthcare, regulation, immigration, environment and fishing.

Wales, with its devolved powers combined with Welsh MPs in Westminster, wields a huge amount of influence over the United Kingdom. Wales as a small part of the EU, with 448.4 million people, would have no influence over the EU whatsoever. An ‘independent’ Wales as part of the EU would be reduced to being just another postcode.

From the EUs perspective, an independent Wales within the EU would be useful to undermine the United Kingdom, forcing the whole of Britain to reverse Brexit. I have no doubt that Plaid Cymru and Yes Cymru both have tacit if not direct support from the European Union. However, Wales will never be central in the EUs plans, economically or culturally.

Within a large market like the EU, industries tend to relocate to the centre due to advantages such as economies of scale, being central to the consumer base, supply chain optimization, skilled labour, innovation opportunities, and easy access to financial services. As a member of the EU, Wales would have no way to make itself a more attractive place to locate businesses, for example by reducing taxation or guaranteeing cheap energy. Wales in the EU would also have no power to stop foreign companies selling into Wales; with Welsh companies unable to compete due to their economies of scale and reduced cost structure.

Back in 1972, before Britain joined the EU, Wales had many profitable industries including:- Steel, Aluminium, Manufacturing, Textiles, Automotive, Chemical, Aerospace and Defence. Since joining the EU most of these industries have concentrated in the centre of the EU. Up until 1972, we were able to afford an NHS that provided world-class healthcare and we enjoyed free dental treatment for all. By now, the NHS is a mere shadow of what it used to be, Britons struggle to see their GP and most people are forced to pay privately for dental treatment. By every metric Britain became increasingly poorer during its time as an EU member.

Any credible Welsh nationalism must also protect our distinct cultural identity, including language, traditions, and heritage, which contributes to our sense of nationhood. An independent country must be able to protect its own borders, with immigration levels being decided by public opinion expressed through a healthy democracy.

However, being a member of the EU represents the biggest threat to Welsh identity since Edward Longshanks marched in with his Norman army. Open borders and unlimited immigration will dramatically accelerate the percentage of people living in Wales who have no cultural ties or loyalty to Wales. Wales risks becoming a country where Welsh people will be in the minority within a few years.  If you think I am overstating the threat, look at the transformation of London. If we are not careful it will be Owain Glyndŵr’s statue being torn down next and we will be the last generation singing ‘Yma o Hyd’.

I admire every European nation and passionately want good relations and healthy trade with them. I also believe that limited immigration, from every part of the world, is healthy for Wales. Immigration is vital to invigorate our economy and helps us to be outward-looking. Being a nationalist doesn’t mean being anti-European or anti-immigration. But our relationship with the rest of the world should be on our terms, and that’s not possible as a member of the EU.

With the corrupt ‘Conservative’ party betraying Brexit and allowing open-border immigration it is easy to understand the increasing appeal of Welsh nationalism. But please don’t be fooled into thinking Plaid Cymru’s brand of socialist globalism, and EU surrender, wrapped in a Welsh flag is the solution.

We need to fix Britain and teach the establishment a lesson in patriotism, not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Reform Wales offers:-

  • We will significantly lower taxes, and remove tax completely for small businesses and people earning less than 20,000 per year.
  • We will dramatically reduce energy costs by rapidly increasing the supply of clean energy generated by modern Gas Fired Power Stations and Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.
  • We will eliminate NHS waiting lists by restructuring national debt, allowing for huge investment into healthcare and dramatically increasing capacity.
  • We will dramatically reduce immigration to allow the country breathing space to integrate multicultural populations without destroying our own culture.
  • We will protect our monuments and cenotaphs.
  • We believe our servicemen and servicewomen should never be left homeless or without appropriate support.

Reform Wales is the only credible nationalist party that will protect Wales’s health, wealth and culture.

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