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Only Reform UK will restore the 30mph limits.


Welsh Conservatives overwhelmly backed and voted for the 20mph limit. They are no better than Welsh Labour or Plaid Cymru, we need to vote them all out.

Only Reform UK will restore the 30mph limits.

Confirmation of how the Conservative MS voted can be found here:

To get a true sense of where they stand on the issue please read Janet Finch-Saunders’s (Conservative MS for Aberconwy) speech on the subject. Janet Finch-Saunders said “Action is being taken globally to implement 20 mph, so I’m eager for us to speed up the process here.”

Darren Millar you seem to be the only conservative ‘Conservative’ in Wales. Thank you and well done, time to change party?

Dont let your representatives say one thing to get elected and do the opposite once in power. Pay attention to how they vote and hold them accountable.

Vote Reform UK!