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No smart phone? You’ll miss the bus!

Elderly confusion smartphone

Think about the people you know. The elderly, the disabled, and the people who can’t cope with the complexities of using a smartphone or a computer.

I know a number of people young and old who haven’t got smartphones or computers for one reason or another. You might imagine that the whole world has a smartphone with so many people walking around with their heads down looking at a phone.

When I arrived at a bus stop recently to catch a bus I looked for a displayed timetable. I was instead told to go to the bus company’s website to find out the bus times. I looked around at the people on the bus as we travelled, not a phone in sight. How much effort does it take twice a year to put up a printed copy of the relevant bus timetable at each bus stop? How do people without a smartphone cope?

When I moved to Conwy in the late 90’s there were 3 banks in the town. Now there are none. How do the people of Conwy who don’t have computers or smartphones do their banking now? Do they catch a bus to another town? If so do they stand at the bus stop in the hope of a bus turning up?

So many aspects of society are becoming computerised. My concern is that the fast-moving digital revolution is both excluding a large portion of society (many of them vulnerable) and making life more difficult for them.

Those without a smartphone are being discriminated against, and it’s only getting worse.