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Climate Crisis? What Crisis?


The major political parties are afflicted by a tragic groupthink. Like herd animals, their instinct is to copy what others are doing. “Where does safety lie?”, they bleat. Why, at the centre of the flock, of course! “Why take this particular course of action?” Because everybody else is doing it!

Now, this is in no way a condemnation of sheep (here in North Wales we wouldn’t dream of dissing them) and if you, dear reader, found yourself in their shoes (correction…. in their fleeces) on a windy hillside with wolves prowling around you’d go with the flock. You’d do a rough calculation of where the centre of gravity lay and elbow your way to that very spot. (Do sheep have elbows? But I digress…)

Trouble is…. we ain’t sheep. Humans are supposed to progress as time passes. The word ‘culture’ implies growth, and this requires rational thought, fresh ideas, honest appraisal of what’s true and what’s nonsense.

Now it may be that Greta Thunberg, despite her lack of education, has some unique wisdom. Perhaps she was born with an innate grasp of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, and her ideas should be incorporated into Government energy policy. Then again… perhaps not.

If you google “Thunberg Gove Milliband” you will find a photograph of a bunch of parliamentarians listening intently to Greta, hanging on her every word. They are rapt. In awe…. as if the Dalai Lama or perhaps Gahdhi were to be gracing them with their presence. Shame on them. These gullible gulls are ministers – past present and doubtless future. This cross-party gathering was in the grip of groupthink.

Dear reader, you have two choices here. Either accept at face value the Climate Scaremongering Industry or DYOR, which stands for “do your own research”. You don’t need a degree in climatology to dig out data on global temperatures, on sea levels, on the extent of the polar icecaps over the centuries. It also means asking, “how do they know that?” and “how is that measured, and how reliably?”

Armed with your own evidence rather than meekly accepting the claims by, say, the BBC that the end is nigh, you may chuckle “oh no it ain’t!”

The LibLabCon party goes along with the apocalypse cult which seeks to terrify (and then tax) the populace.

At the next election, citizen, cast your precious ballot in favour of Reform – the common sense party. Reform is the only one to challenge the scaremongering.