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Are we acting like Lemmings? The Labour resurgence?


We’ve all heard of the Lemming leap myth where large numbers of them gather to commit mass suicide by jumping off cliffs. Although not based in fact, it gives rise to the expression “The Lemming Effect”, which could be defined as the willingness of otherwise decent individuals to rush as a group off the cliff of high standards onto the rocks of dishonour that lie below.

It’s against this backdrop that the question arises of why the Labour Party is dominating the voting intent in the polls and performing best in by-elections.

Is it because the Tories have betrayed us so badly in bringing the country to its knees that the populace wishes to punish them by voting for their ‘enemy’ (official opposition) ? If this is true and significant, then the Lemming Effect is in play.

Or perhaps it’s the Labour track record and policies attracting votes in favour of Starmer! It’s hard to believe it could be the latter, as the Tories have effectively delivered a Labour/Socialist manifesto and have even implemented their preference for high taxation.

Most people will have little or no recollection of the last Labour government. It’s been 14 years since they were last in power, with a decade under Tony Blair from 1997 and Gordon Brown taking the reins from 2007 to 2010. Many problems we face today are rooted in the Blair/Brown regimes including our (unjustified) involvement in multiple Middle Eastern conflicts (especially Iraq) and the devolution of power that has failed in Scotland and Wales. Gordon Brown, as Blair’s Chancellor in 1999 sold 56% of our gold reserves at rock bottom prices; an act that to this day is considered one of British Governments worst ever blunders.

Starmer (like Sunak and many other Western leaders today) is weak and not up to the task of running this country. It is likely that the more radical elements will become dominant in driving their own ideals once power is assumed.

The Labour party will open the floodgates to immigration. It will take us back into the EU with its exorbitant fees, open borders policy and most likely forced to adopt the Euro. It will cater for societies feckless at the expense of the middle class. The trade unions financing and underpinning Labour will once again be free to wreak havoc on the country as they did in the 1980’s.

Like the Tories, Labour is committed to the WEF agenda which seeks dystopian levels of control, facilitated via the mechanics of Net Zero, LTN’s, Cashless society, 15 minute cities, Immigration (and other divisive policies used to anger and distract), etc.

The Labour Party has its traditional base support, mainly consisting of socialists, trade unionists, minorities and (a diminishing) working class. However, I don’t believe these account for the high vote share they currently enjoy and perhaps there are many dissatisfied voters in these ranks who are not seeing the benefits that parties, with similar values to their own, have to offer.

So what is the real reason for Labour suddenly becoming so popular with a majority of voters?

It’s difficult to say when there is so little difference in terms of what the Tories or Labour offer. Starmer likes to give the impression that he’s removed the radical influences from the party and that they’re more in line with (centrist) New Labour (i.e. Blair/Brown). However, he changes his stance on whims and we really don’t know what to expect from him.

The bottom line is that even though the Tories have proved inept/unelectable, choosing the Labour party to replace them is not a viable solution to fixing the countries problems or steering us on a path of economic and cultural prosperity.

Those intending to vote Labour, who are not part of the Labour base support and who do not align with their policies should carefully consider the (common sense) alternatives available to them. Otherwise, it typifies the Lemming Effect of taking us out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The next government is tending to an inexperienced Labour regime that will abandon the indigenous population whose only purpose will be to bankroll socialist policies and lead to something Labour has always excelled at, which is bankrupting the country and destroying traditional values.

Will it happen in July this year? The very thought of a Labour government with a large majority and Starmer at the helm is a terrifying prospect to me.

Fortunately, we have the Reform party with its common sense policies as a far more attractive option to the old guard. The Lib/Lab/Con/Plaid all “sing from the same hymn sheet” in offering more of the same, albeit in a tinsel wrapped litany of lies. Reform’s policies are the only ones which offer “rescue” for the nation by undoing the harm done and taking us on a path of actually serving the people and not (as other parties do), themselves.

In terms of seeking a party whose policies resonate with my own personal (British) values of patriotism, tradition, freedom, faith and family, there is only one choice. Consequently I (and my extended family) will be voting Reform on 04 July 2024.